Thought Leadership

Did you know that tobacco giant Phillip Morris bought a 35% stake in Juul three years ago?

It was a $12 billion investment to assure that Phillip Morris can maintain its market dominance. Philip Morris is committed to being the leader in its industry, the best company in the world at creating new nicotine addicts. 


100 million people died from tobacco in the 20th century. We may lose 1 billion lives to tobacco in the 21st century.


You read that right. 


1,000,000,000 lives are at stake.


Philip Morris is committed to being the market leader in killing its fair share of those one billion people, and of course making a lot of money doing it. Adding menthol to increase the addiction rate. Free-basing the nicotine in its cigarettes to make it harder to quit. Child targeting at Juul. 


For money.


Are you okay with all that?