Police pull Fords from service over carbon monoxide fears

“If [police] are getting enough carbon monoxide to pass out, there’s something very different with those vehicles,” said John Uustal, who brought a federal class action suit in 2014.

But Uustal said the level of exhaust getting into the Explorer still poses a health hazard, and can cause illness from prolonged exposure.

“Ford has never considered this a safety issue, but I believe it is,” said Uustal, who recently reached a settlement with Ford on the case. He said his initial client, a fire fighter from Fort Lauderdale, had used a carbon monoxide detector from his department in his car and found 120 parts per million of the gas. He said other tests he conducted as part of the suit regularly found 30 and 35 ppm.

“It clearly exceeds what are considered safe levels especially over a long period, which you will be in the car,” said Uustal.

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