VA responsible for vet’s suicide, mother says

by Patricia Kime, USA Today

In the weeks preceding his death, Janos Victor Lutz – “John,” as his friends knew him – told VA doctors he was slightly depressed over a breakup with a girlfriend, his ailing service dog and his lack of focus after serving in the Marine Corps.

The Iraq and Afghanistan veteran told his psychiatrist and a therapist at the Broward County (Fla.) VA Outpatient Clinic that he had been suicidal a few weeks prior and had asked his mother to secure his guns and dole out his medications.

The multitude of medications he received throughout his treatment, along with what the family believes is VA’s disregard for tracking those medicines and VA doctors’ lack of understanding of how certain drugs affected Lutz, led the family to issue a demand letter claiming wrongful death as a result of medical negligence – a precursor to filing a lawsuit, according to attorney John Uustal.

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