Pressure cooker manufacturer settles for $26m over girl’s injuries

by John Breslin, Florida Record

A company that manufacturers a popular brand of pressure cooker has agreed to pay $26 million to a young girl who suffered horrific injuries after the device’s lid blew open.

Lawyers for the girl, who was two at the time, argued that a defective lock mechanism caused the lid to blow open. They also claimed that the company had at some point recognized that the lock mechanism on its product was the wrong size, and changed its dimensions.

An estimated 100,000 of the older product remains on the secondary market, and in homes, according to lawyers for the young girl. They have sent a detailed letter to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and urged the agency to order a recall.

Attorney John Uustal, who represented Gonzalez, said the two types are identical apart from the small, but crucial, difference in the lock mechanism.

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