2011-2014 Ford Explorers may be leaking carbon monoxide inside vehicle, NHTSA probes

by Mike Cannon, Tech Times

Angela Knutson is suing Ford after discovering that their 2013 Explorer was leaking unsafe levels of carbon monoxide into the cabin. The couple is attempting to force the manufacturer to issue a recall on all 2011-2013 Ford Explorers.

Knutson’s husband, a firefighter with the Sheriff’s Office, measured the level of carbon monoxide in the passenger area after a 30 minute drive. The levels registered at 132 parts per million, far above the 100 parts per million considered to be hazardous to one’s health. Knutson had previously reported smelling exhaust in the cabin during and after acceleration, and had taken the car to a Ford dealership on at least seven occasions to have the problem fixed. Mechanics were unable to repair it.

Ford declined to comment on the lawsuit, but Knutson is not backing down from the case, having enlisted the help of attorney John Uustal.

“A manufacturer has a responsibility to provide a safe vehicle, not one with deadly gas,” Uustal told CBS Miami. “And once they knew they have to fix it.”

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