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Police pull Fords from service over carbon monoxide fears

by Chris Isidore, CNN “If [police] are getting enough carbon monoxide to pass out, there’s something very different with those vehicles,” said John Uustal, who brought a federal class action suit in 2014. But Uustal said the level of exhaust getting into the Explorer still poses a health hazard, and can cause illness from prolonged… Read More

Deadly Convenience: Keyless Cars and Their Carbon Monoxide Toll

by David Jeans and Majlie De Puy Kamp, The New York Times With no standard in place for alerts or other features that would address the problems of keyless vehicles left running in confined spaces, the traffic safety administration has said repeatedly that it is convinced that automakers intend to meet the Society of Automotive… Read More

What caused FIU’s bridge to fall? More clues come to light.

by Andres Viglucci, Jenny Staletovich, Douglas Hanks And Linda, Miami Herald “The reason everyone is so shocked is because this should never have happened,” said John Uustal, a Fort Lauderdale trial lawyer who has won major verdicts against General Motors and tobacco companies. “Now, it’s like a murder mystery, and we’ve got to figure out… Read More

VA responsible for vet’s suicide, mother says

by Patricia Kime, USA Today In the weeks preceding his death, Janos Victor Lutz – “John,” as his friends knew him – told VA doctors he was slightly depressed over a breakup with a girlfriend, his ailing service dog and his lack of focus after serving in the Marine Corps. The Iraq and Afghanistan veteran… Read More

Broward Lawyers Negotiate $27M for Toddler Burned in Pressure Cooker Explosion

by Raychel Lean, Daily Business Review John Uustal, Michael Hersh and Catherine Darlson of Kelley/Uustal in Fort Lauderdale worked out a $27 million settlement with international kitchenware distributorLifetime Brands Inc. over a faulty pressure cooker that exploded and injured 3-year-old Samantha Gonzalez in Broward. Gonzalez’s grandmother, Caridad Fernandez Reinaldo, was bathing her in the kitchen… Read More

Judge Kavanaugh – a bold step forward for corporations | Opinion

by John Uustal, Sun Sentinel Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s U.S. Supreme Court nomination represents a danger far greater than ideological differences. It could permanently tilt the balance of power in favor of this country’s most powerful “people” – corporations. And it’s not pretty when corporations’ strength is unchecked in the courts. Read the full article in… Read More

A Deadly Pressure Cooker, A Resilient Child & A Tenacious Attorney

by Veronica Pamoukaghlian Viera, Medium When Caridad Fernandez talked to first responders after the accident, involving her pressure cooker, which burnt 60 percent of her granddaughter’s body, she blamed herself. “I panicked and accidentally poured the boiling soup all over her,” she basically said. And that was that. The family talked to several lawyers after… Read More

Coral Springs Family Says Ford Explorer Made Them Sick, Files Lawsuit

by Joan Murray, CBS Miami A Coral Springs family says their Ford Explorer made them sick. Angela Sanchez-Knutson and her husband Tim Knutson are suing the Ford Motor Company trying to force the carmaker to recall hundreds of thousands of Explorers. “A manufacturer has a responsibility to provide a safe vehicle not one with deadly… Read More