Corporate Serial Killers by John Uustal

John Uustal explains in his new book, Corporate Serial Killers: Boosting Profits with the New License to Kill (Sutton Hart ), how America’s best-known corporations knowingly sell dangerous products that kill and maim if the profit to be made exceeds the anticipated cost of paying off the victims.

Couldn’t happen, right? Wrong!

Uustal, an attorney who represents these victims, tells the stories of cases he has worked on. He exposes the secret internal documents in which companies make these horrific calculations. He shows the shattered lives and broken families that result from such corporate greed.

And he explains how the law has changed so that the companies get away with it.

Uustal’s rock-solid credibility derives from decades of holding corporations accountable. He is a prominent trial attorney who founded the powerhouse law firm of Kelley-Uustal in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Clients seek him out from all over the world, and he has worked on some of America’s most famous cases. He shares some of the financial and physical threats he has faced while working for justice against such powerful interests.

Uustal brings Corporate Serial Killers to life with stories straight from the headlines. “Today, you’re more likely to get killed, maimed or screwed by a corporation than at any time in recent history,” he writes. He details the fraudulent scams and deadly schemes of:

  • Tobacco Companies
  • Banks
  • Automakers
  • Polluters
  • Insurance Companies
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Corporations

Is this all exaggeration? You’ll wish it were.

Available at bookstores online and off in spring 2020.