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Do Corporations Have Any Moral Obligations?

For decades, business schools and politicians have taught us that corporations have only one obligation: to maximize profit. That idea has pushed this country to the brink, and some corporations have started to recognize that they have other responsibilities as well. 
Source: New York...

The Gap Between Rich and Poor is Killing Poor People

A report from the GAO shows that those in the bottom 20 percent of earning actually have a much lower life expectancy than those in the top 20 percent. The poor are not only getting poorer – more Americans are falling off an economic cliff, and it’s a matter of life or...

Are We More Than What We Buy?

The fundamental moral question of our time is this: are we no more than an economic model of human beings, rational maximizers with no regard for our spiritual, religious, or moral values?
Some people still believe that we are not just consumers and shareholders, we are also citizens, family...