All lawyers take an oath before admission to the Bar. The oath is an ancient and sacred requirement of the profession. We pledge to put the interests of our clients before ourselves. This is the core of any professional relationship. 

But America has been captured by a strange and immoral idea: that greed justifies anything, that the only obligation—of a corporation, or a law firm, or a citizen—is to maximize profit.

Lawyers cannot maximize profit and honor their oath at the same time. You must choose.

Remember the words of President Lincoln:

“…resolve to be honest at all events; and if in your own judgment you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer. Choose some other occupation, rather than one in the choosing of which you do, in advance, consent to be a knave.”

Be an honest lawyer. Always honor the trust your client puts in you. REMEMBER YOUR OATH.

A Pennsylvania Lawyer Charges $250 An Hour To Help Client Mow Lawn

A Pennsylvania Lawyer Charges $250 An Hour To Help Client Mow Lawn

An attorney offered to help his mentally ill client mow her lawn, then charged her $250 an hour for the job. He helped her shop and did other personal errands also. Sometimes, apparently, he brought a paralegal along and charged $125 for the paralegal’s time as well. But even that wasn’t enough, he stole money out of her account as well, over $100,000.

This crime is so clear, but we should remember, in every decision, even the smallest, that lawyering is a profession. Clients trust us to do what’s right for them, not for us. Don’t ever forget that. Always honor the trust.

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