I feel like my whole life has prepared me

Florida high Stakes Trial Lawyer John Uustal

John Uustal, a Florida-based trial lawyer and author, protects grievously injured people by holding massive corporations and insurance companies responsible for their misconduct.

A fearsome advocate with a reputation for astonishing verdicts, John works on some of the biggest and most important cases in the country. His diligence:

  • Exposes corporate cover ups
  • Punishes insurance companies for delay
  • Wins cases that other attorneys won’t handle
  • Unmasks untruthful witnesses

John goes all in for every client he takes on. He funds proven medical and engineering investigations, hires the best experts in the country, and meticulously prepares for trial (he has a courtroom in his office). Because of the time and money he invests in each case, he can only take on a very small number of clients.

John Uustal provides expert legal commentary for news outlets, teaches lawyers how to master the courtroom, and his second book Corporate Serial Killers: Boosting Profits with the New License to Kill (Sutton Hart Press) launches early 2019.